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“A Rising Star”


According to the plan one of the days of the Festival of Foreign Languages was devoted to music. We arranged a concert which we called “A Rising Star”. Who knows? Maybe, future stars are among us today? Three years ago Nastya Vinnikova, our former pupil, took part in such  a concert too. Two years later she presented our country at Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song “I LoveBelarus”.

And our kids were so enthusiastic and so creative that one day was not enough. There were 41 items on the programme! Boys and girls sang songs in English with such skill and inspiration that this concert which was held during the breaks, by the way, could be shown at Eurovision Contest!

Well done! We say it to Lisa Goryachova, Nastya Yakubovskaya, Nastya Tumel, Pavel Kameisha, Sasha Miron, Sasha Artyushevskaya, Dasha Grusha, Polina Philonets, Vera Yurkevich, Lisa Krylova, Katya Dorosh, Dasha Voronovich, Sasha Derunova, Valdis Avsievish, Vadim Makarchik. The groups of the forms 10 “A”,10”Б”, 10 “В”, 7 “М”, 6”A”, 9 “M” and 9 “В”, 5”A”, 5 “M”, 5 “Б”, 8 “A”, 7 “В” were superb. The children of the junior forms (3 “M”, 4 “Б” and “M”) were so charming! Indeed it was great!

 Irina Yuran,

a teacher of  English

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