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Дневник фестиваля


Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion!

 I Have to Write a Poem
By Jack Prelutsky
I have to write a poem
But don’t think I’ll succeed,
I know I don’t know all the words
That I am going to need.
I cannot quite imagine
How my poem’s supposed to be — 
I’ve got a sinking feeling
I’m not good at poetry.

My poem must have a meter
And it also has to rhyme,
It’s due tomorrow morning…
How I wish I had more time!
I do not think that I can write
A poem the way I should —
But look…this is a poem right here,
And it is pretty good!

Wednesday (the 13th of February) was devoted to writing poetry.  We are  fond of writing poems! We know that if we have a vivid imagination and we are good at making up poems, then this contest is for us!  We were welcome to participate in The Poetry Contest “The Best Poem I Can Write”.

Writing poetry is a great exercise for us, language learners. It gives us a chance to experiment with the language and vocabulary, and to share our thoughts,  ideas and life experiences in heartfelt poems.

The pupils of the 6 form enjoyed writing Cinquain poetry because of the easy format and the opportunities for developing the nuances of vocabulary. All the pupils were able to create a wonderful selection of poetry — funny, sad, and beautiful. The children loved this poetry form because they could put so much of themselves into it and they worked well with the format, the poems were easy and fun to write.

It was a wonderful day!

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