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The Beauty of Poetry


The contest “The Beauty of Poetry” was  held on February, 15 and turned out to be  a great  success. The pupils of the 5th-11th forms took an active part in it.  The key word of the contest  was the word “Love”. The pupils of the 5th-6th forms recited  poems about their love  for parents, friends and pets.

Among the winners of the contest we should name the pupils of Form 5”M” with the poem  “Lover’s Calendar”.  Polina Dedyulya, Ilona Pisarevich, Violetta Timovets, Kristina Novik, Vlad Deshchits and Karolina Trus  (Form 5“A”) won the hearts of the audience with their poems  about Mother, friends and pets with beautiful presentations.

The pupils of Form 6  Alina Aleksandrovich, Yana Debelaya, Diana Stadnik, Violetta Zhukovskaya, Elena Makas, Andrei Volkov and Vika Voitekhovich  recited the poems with great feeling. Aleksei Voronov, Aleksei Novitsky, Nastya Baruta  were the best among the pupils of Form 7. Lera Radishevskaya  (Form  8  ) performed the poem “That’s the Way” and made a lovely presentation.

We were impressed by the wonderful presentation and reciting of the poems made by senior pupils:    Form 9: Liza Bushilo, Sasha Miron, Nastya Fedorako.

Form 10: Uliana Chizhevskaya, Sasha Prishchepa, Anna Nikanovich,  Nadya Garmaza.

Rita Fedorovskaya  composed and performed the poem of her own “The Wizard”. As you see, our pupils are very talented.  They are not only good at   reciting poems by foreign authors but can also create their own. Success attend you!

Raisa Novitskaya,

a teacher of English

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